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EHM Partners with SIMAT


EHM Automation

October 28, 2022


EHM Automation and SIMAT Technologies announced a strategic partnership leveraging the expertise of both companies to provide added value to their customers. Moving forward, SIMAT will support EHM’s software development for LabVIEW based automation and process controls. Michael Miller, President of EHM Automation, states “SIMAT Technologies is a leader in distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) and all things sensor. We look forward to supporting SIMAT in their cutting-edge product development while leveraging SIMAT’s capabilities to deliver exceptional LabVIEW development and support for our customers on this platform.” Prabhu Shankar, President of SIMAT Technologies, adds “EHM Automation’s work to support manufacturing processes and other related automation work is critical to manufacturing industries. Software development using LabView is a critical piece for EHM to provide system level solutions, which we are delighted EHM decided to partner with us to address that gap and help deliver a system level solution to their customers.”

About EHM Automation

EHM Automation, a South Carolina based LLC was formed in 2017. EHM offers turnkey custom automation solutions including robotics, custom machinery, and material handling solutions for factory automation. Some of EHM’s sub-specialties include hydraulic power units and test stations, reverse engineering and duplication of legacy equipment, assembly cells and contract engineering.

EHM typically handles conceptual and detailed engineering design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of equipment. The mission of EHM Automation is to support manufacturers in their efforts to increase production and productivity while improving product quality and personnel safety.

About SIMAT Technologies

SIMAT Technologies LLC, a Virginia based company has developed a proprietary software for data visualization, analysis, and management software for distributed fiber optic sensing based on several years of experience. However, market needs demanded them to expand their services to adjacent technology, such as point based strain gage data analysis. Further, SIMAT and their partners can provide software development and support using LabVIEW by unlocking more value for your team by providing supporting services for sensor-related engineering design and development. Now, SIMAT is here to meet your engineering needs with their expertise.

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